Magical duel-destination honeymoon in the Indian Ocean

We walked out of the airport and the heat hit us instantly. A group of school children standing by us stared at my blonde hair, I think one boy even took a photo on his phone. I know my husbands’ highlight was the Elephant Orphanage and riding on (and being soaked by) an elephant. My personal highlight and most memorable moment was when we went to World’s End. I love walking anyway, but to walk through so many different exotic plants in such a beautiful country was just incredible. And the views when you got to the highest drop were just stunning!

We stayed in three different hotels whilst in Sri Lanka, our personal favourite being Hunnas Falls, simply for the views and its setting in the most romantic range of hills and mountains. On arrival they upgraded us to their best suite and was it amazing! We felt so special. Jetwing Beach was also gorgeous! We spent time by the pool and beach at Jetwing Beach. Only for a couple of hours on the first day and on our last day but it was a nice end to a busy week. Very chilled!

Our tour guide recommended a spa where we went for some medicinal pampering whilst in Sri Lanka. It was amazing value for money – we got a hour-long full body massage, Indian head massage and a steam bath all for the equivalent of about £17!

First impressions of the Maldives was wow! Absolute paradise. Something I thought only existed in magazines after lots of photoshopping! We stayed at the Royal Island Resort. It was gorgeous! It could have been a shack and we wouldn’t have cared because of where it was situated. A beach villa on a beach? Amazing!

so spectacular that snorkelling was magical – the fish were huge and water was crystal clear. Under the jetty there were many shoals offish that just swim around you, and looking over the drop off is incredible. We didn’t even have to try and relax. Sitting on the beach on a paradise island really did it for us!

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