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The main college accommodation block itself was 12 stories of slab concrete and plate window; a product of the architectural wave that ushered in the tower-block estate and the re-enforced concrete shopping precinct, and which caused the bulldozering of historic town centres. The bulldozering of the historic centre in Plymouth was actually carried out by Herman Goering in the 1940s, which the city council believed offered an excuse for the hideous replacement buildings. The inside of the block was not yet finished, with the upper four floors still being fitted out. Two hundred cadets lived in the completed part of the block with another hundred staying in the outside hostels. There were two intakes a year and I was in class P1 23, which stood for Phase One 23, being the 23rd in the late 1950s. There were 25 of us in P1 23 at the start and we had all done a stint at sea, the first intake to ever go to sea before first attending college. The wardens and lecturers regarded us with faint suspicion because we were less intimidated than the usual intake that arrived direct from school. Chief Rozer was fearsome, but most of us had been conditioned by chief officers and bosuns who were equally fierce, so while we didn’t enjoy it when Chiefy started screaming, we had already learnt to roll with the punches and we were not going to fall apart. Significantly, everyone from P1 23 went through to the end of the course, defying Chiefy’s predictions that a lot would fall by the wayside to go back to our hairdressing salons. Tom told me that four of his intake, P1 22, had left within four weeks.

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