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Your audience’s attention, but also demands their contribution? With technology’s involvement though, it’s even more challenging…when you weave it together with creativity, one shouldn’t dissolve or overwhelm the other’s value. TeamLab, somehow, makes it look easy with their surreal installations – which, if you dig deeper, are social experiments too. The collaborative of artists, programmers, engineers, animators and mathematicians from Japan, believe art and technology can lead to innovative ideas, influencing people’s lives in their own way…and they hope this is what will shape the future. We are interested in how the concept and the digital domain expand the possibility and expression of art -that is our main focus, says Takashi Kudo, a member of the collective, matter-of-factly.

TeamLab’s most recent, world changing idea was a mass interactive masterpiece at the recent Maison et Objet Paris’ 20th anniversary celebration, called Worlds Connecting and Unleashed. The concept was a voyeuristic view of tomorrow’s cafe and involves pro levels of algorithms of animation, programming and real time edits! Spectators could pick between options of Arita porcelainware to place on a barely lit table, unsure of what would happen next. For instance, as soon as a platter with a leaf pattern was positioned, a spotlight eclipsed its round shape, and the motif grew into a plant, extending from the saucer.

In another corner, a tree grew in fast forward speed from a vase, and two birds flew towards and rested on the first plant! So each piece not only unravMy blogd their secret scenes when in contact with the table, but also connected with other worlds as well as the people experiencing the surface. Each moving graphic like the birds, fishes and swaying plants is different, because every character is constantly drawn by a computer programme in the background. That’s why, if a viewer stood still, a butterfly would perch itself on his hand, and if he moved, it’d flutter away. All these little scenarios combined, creating one continuous story. And the best part: Every moment was spontaneous and unexpected, mimicking reality.

…Each piece not only unravMy blogd their “secret scenes”…but also connected with other worlds as well as the people experiencing the surface.

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