Make-Up Production by Face Shape

All objects are three-dimensional because of light, shadow, height and depth. If we examine the surface by giving light, we can see the effect of height and depth and the light in the face. But that does not give us much detail. If we move the light under the jaw, we see the muscle and bone structure in the face in a form that is not subject to it.

If we give the light right from the top, we can get the image of our noon hour. If we look at the face from every side, we can see its shape according to bone and muscle structure (round or flat, hard or soft line, built-in wrinkles and lines, cheekbones etc.).

Make-Up Production by Face Shape Photo Gallery

Again, if you move your hand across the mirror in front of your face, you can feel all the protrusions and pits. This tells you the bone structure.

Take your face in various shapes in front of the mirror; “Crying, angry, laughing,” so you have seen muscle movements. Study human faces; observe their bone structures, muscle movements. All these observations are necessary when creating character.

for example; you need to know how the face of the player in an aging makeup, the face of his muscles, where his face will collapse, where to hang, and where to wrinkle more.

For this we need to know the skeleton of the face, the muscle structure. There are bone protrusions in the skull’s structure. These are forehead, cheekbones, jawbone, nasal bone, eye cure and teeth.

There are two important pits: the cheek pit (between the cheek bone and the jawbone), the temple pit.

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