How to Make a Professional Makeover

In ancient Greek and Roman theaters masters were used by players and real faces were invisible. In medieval Europe, in the religious games, angels, devils and clergymen were played red, white and gilded bearded beards were used. The first materials used were lamb wool, chalk, coriander and burnt mantard. When it came to the near centuries, the use of light in the games started to make makeup materials. In 1910, “Max Factor” began to produce make-up materials for cinema, as cinema began to take its place in the performing arts at the beginning of the century. With the increasing need for make-up and make-up materials, the artists who took this profession as a profession were called “professional maker and make-up”.

In 1928, makeup embraced a more scientific structure. “Association of Cinematographers” made more extensive experiments on make-up and make-up products. Based on the results of these experiments, Max Factor produced a series of make-up called “panchromatic” and received the first special Oscar award for this work. Over time, the films became colored, and television began to be introduced, necessitating new materials with new experiments.

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The German “Kryolan” firm II, which produces professional cinema and theater make-up products in this respect, It has been in operation since World War II. Kryolan; In addition to production points in Germany, USA and Italy, it is the most preferred manufacturer of theater and cinema make-up products today with representations all over the world.

Especially the production of the products through highly rigorous tests is preferred because of the positive effects on the human health and the quality which prevents the players from having problems in their makeup in all kinds of environments.

The product range is improved every day in the direction of the demands and keeps the number of the products which are around 500 today to be able to include special demands.

Periodicals of Kryolan makeup magazines provide a constant flow of information to Kryolan customers.

In addition, seminars attended by well-known makers and makers all over the world create an extremely beneficial environment in which artists have the opportunity to develop themselves.

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