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Your fingers may do the trick, but a great face starts with the right brushes – stash these nifty little tools in your make-up bag

1. ECO TOOLS LASH BROW GROOMER BRUSH, R49.95 Take control of those stray brows and separate lashes in seconds with this double-headed brush. 2. PALLADIO SMUDGE BRUSH, R85 Soft and ergonomic, this natural-bristle brush is ideal for smudging eyeliner, concentrating dark shadows in the creases or highlighting tear ducts. Hello, smoky eyes. 3. DR. HAUSCHKA LIP BRUSH, R143 When it comes to applying lipstick, lip gloss or a stain with fine precision, this ultra-firm, tapered vegan brush (made with synthetic hair) is your to-go tool.

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4. GOSH COSMETICS FAN BRUSH, R55 Mistake-minimiser, soft colour-diffuser and even mask applicator, this larger-thanlife brush is useful if you tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to make-up. 5. STILA EYEBROW BRUSH #10, R215 This thin, slanted brush does double duty: it’s perfect for defining brows, yet, with its sharp angle, it also works wonders with cream and gel liners. 6. INGLOT 30T EYELINER BRUSH, R159 Become a cat-eye master with this uberaccurate brush. The angled head and the fine, stiff and short bristles ensure pristine perfection while tracing your flick. 7. MAC MASTERCLASS OVAL BRUSH IN N.3, R750 Suitable for blending powder or cream eye shadows and concealer, this multipurpose tool wins even on the harder-to-reach contours of the face.

8. BOBBI BROWN FACE BLENDER BRUSH, R600 This soft, multi-purpose, natural-bristle brush is just as good for blending and softening any lines that were left from bronzer or blush as it is for a light dusting of finishing powder. 9. SMASHBOX TELEPHOTO 3 IN 1 FACE BRUSH, R500 Innovative, space-saving and multitasking, this all-in-one brush delivers three levels of finish (from light dusting to full coverage) with the ease of one twist. 10. THE BODY SHOP KABUKI BRUSH, R185 Suitable for cheeks, décolleté as well as arms, this soft, highdensity brush works wonders with bronzing powders to achieve that natural-looking glowy complexion we strive for.

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