Makeup For A Black Dress


As collagen production decreases, lips can lose their fullness. Small, thin lips can benefit from using a lip pencil that is the same colour as your lipstick. Define the full extent of your lips, and then blend the lip pencil with lipstick.


If your lip colour has a tendency to bleed upwards and outwards, apply a moisturizing lipstick with your fingers in small controlled daubs with your finger, rather than ‘dragging' the lipstick along the mouth, which can look sculptured and old-fashioned.

I know I do not want to spend my disposable windfall that I have worked my entire life to collect, on products that may cause, hallucinations, anxiety, vision problems, suicidal thoughts, confusion, extreme fear, hostility, urinary problems, oily discharge, etc. Shudder.

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Do not think for one minute that if such disclaiming information weren’t required, it would be provided. Even with this indicting information, the TV ads are omnipresent (and expensive) as the drug companies implore their audience to Ask your doctor if this is right for you. Is suicide right for you? Unusual bleeding? Oily discharge? Hell, I have got enough problems without adding more. The mere thought of giving my hard-earned money to a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, makes me hostile. I do not need a pill for that. Fortunately, there is Medicare. It is the closest thing to universal coverage we are likely to have in our lifetime. Until you have to figure it out before you use it.

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