I like the less-is-more concept of beauty. How can I achieve a forward, trendy look without wearing a ton of makeup? Keep your makeup minimal and the colors muted. That way you may choose to try playing with a trend you particularly like without its being completely out of character. Do a hint of shimmer on the eye, say, or try a red lipstick that suits your coloring or a smoky eyeliner whatever the trend of the moment. Never try more than one trend at a time.


Chiefy was in charge, predictably, and he delighted in showing us a series of grisly war footage of severed limbs, exploding guts and barbequed bodies. We started off cracking ghoulish jokes but fell silent as the images intensified. It was truly awful. Phil passed out; falling off his chair and cracking his head open to allow an impromptu lesson from Chiefy as he patched him up. The afternoon was devoted to bandaging, burn dressings, shock treatment and other jollity. We learnt to inoculate humans by injecting oranges. The following day we all took a bus to the other side of the city to spend the first of two days at the Fire Centre. These were great fun. The Fire Centre had a mock ship, together with various metal buildings which the lecturing fireman would fill with wood and rags and set on fire. There were also pans of oil that were set ablaze.

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