It was around this time that Bobbi now an accomplished, sought-after makeup artist with access to the best makeup in the world started to think about the products themselves. To Bobbi, nothing looked natural enough. No matter how you applied the green or blue that was popular at this particular moment in the 1980s, it still looked like makeup. It didn’t satisfy her vision of a naturally beautiful woman. She took the best of what was available and mixed and blended. She kept getting closer to the makeup-less look that she loves, but still couldn’t get it quite right.
Bobbi consulted with suppliers, chemists, and product colorists to learn what makes what do what. She added this to her practical knowledge and formulated the first lip colors that were the basis of her company, Bobbi Brown Essentials. There were ten lipsticks, numbered one to ten, all slight modulations of nude and natural. That might seem like a humble beginning, but for Bobbi it was exactly what she tried to achieve; they were simple to use and the quality was very, very high.
From lower left: Bobbi and Dakota; Bobbi, Steven, and the boys; Bobbi with the guys: husband Steven, father James, and sons Dylan and Dakota; Bobbi, Dakota, and Steven.


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