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New research has shown that lack of sleep reduces the hormones that regulate the body's muscle-to-fat ratio. So if you want to maximize your metabolism, and keep the pounds off while you are sleeping, aim for a consistent eight hours every night.


If you need an early evening snack with your glass of wine, choose olives instead of crisps (potato chips), which are calorieladen. There are loads of different varieties to choose from, and they are all full of great essential fatty acids (EFAs), and contain relatively few calories.

Less than a year later he was too. He keeled over on the thirteenth green.

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With this, it has been my observation that people who retire, and who have no real plan or purpose, aren’t long for this world. Seems that red apron is not a bad alternative afer all. For those of us who do survive, however, there is another downside. Not for the man. For his wife. While the husband spent thirty or forty years heading off to work every day, many wives (at least back in my day), stayed home, raised the kids, kept the house ship-shape, lunched with friends, shopped, volunteered and otherwise kept the entire family running like a well-oiled machine. Then, he retires. And not only does his life change drastically, so does hers.

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