Makeup Color For Hazel Eyes


The herb valerian has been used in traditional sleep remedies for hundreds of years. It is thought to relieve anxiety and to aid the induction of sleep in a natural and non-addictive way.


Learn to sleep on your back – it's the best position for relaxing and it allows all your internal organs to rest properly.

I have never been lost. All in all, though, I am not quite sure how the GPS works. Technology is a big part of my work, and a necessary part.

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Yes, I do scratch my head a lot. Not because of its complexity (technology not my head). Rather, because of much of the content. Not mine, of course. My content is just fine and dandy. What baffles me, is how and why so many people think that so many other people care about what they are doing at any given moment. Do we really need to know that one friend is having a beer at the ballgame or that they are walking the dog in the park? And do we really need a picture of said event to prove it? What is technology doing to real conversation? Conversations are becoming a lost art.

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