Irregular Teeth: It is never too late to get braces, even if you are an adult. Clear braces are an option, and it’s likely to be only a one-year commitment. A gap between your top front teeth, however, can be really appealing. You may want to choose not to get it fixed.
Inspiration: Lauren Hutton Freckles: Visible freckles send the message of youth and freshness. I love to see freckles, and when I do the makeup for someone who is freckled, I much prefer letting them show through. Besides, women with freckles frequently have such extraordinary skin that they do not need the coverage of foundation. Instead of wearing orange lips and blush that âœmatch❠your complexion, try going in the opposite direction with pink tones. If you choose to wear foundation, select one that is one shade darker than your skin tone (i.e., the same color as your freckles).


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Celebrity Inspired Holiday Makeup Ideas

Celebrity Inspired Holiday Makeup Ideas

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