Expiration Dates One of the most objective (and least agonizing!) ways of clearing excess products out of your life is to toss anything that’s been open to the air too long to still be safe, clean, or effective. Below are some rule-of-thumb life spans for products once they’ve been opened.
Cream cleanser
Cream/moisturizer Foundation, oil-based Foundation, water-based Gel cleanser Lipstick
Mascara Powder Shadows Brushes Sponges:
1 year 1 year 1.5 years 1 year
1 year
1-2 years 3-4 months
2 years
2 years
wash every 2-3 months
wash weekly and discard monthly


Round stools with black plastic-covered seats were along its length and curled round one end. At the end sat a big Sikh, who smiled pleasantly if you caught his eye. He sipped a colourful drink and surveyed the room. His real role was to be unpleasant to anyone who stepped out of line and he carried a three-foot club to aid his efforts. The mama-san served behind the bar. Fluent in several languages, blousy, bossy, shrill, garishly dressed, chain-smoking, shrewd eyes, mama-sans were what some bar-girls became when they were too old to flatter – if they were clever enough and tough enough to run the staff. Most weren’t. Those that came through from bar-girl-cum-whore to mama-san were tough, tough people. This mama-san laughed a lot and shrieked at the other girls in the bar. The other girls in the bar were all younger, probably between 17 and 25, although I found it difficult to tell the age of Chinese girls, especially in the dark, when I was half drunk.

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