Inspirations: Picabo Street, Sissy Spacek, Patti Hansen, Bridget Hall Moles/Birthmarks: Early in her career, Cindy Crawford was probably advised to have her mole removed. I myself had a mole removed when I was twenty after years of hating it. Cindy didn’t listen and her mole has become a signature feature.
Inspirations: Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford Deep-Set Eyes: Lining eyes with a fine, dark line is the best way to open deep-set eyes. Avoid dark colors on the lid use light to medium shadows instead. Apply highlighter at brow bone.


In the main body of the room, which was about 30 foot by 20, there was a scattering of armchairs and two flip-top card tables. It was light and airy, being on the starboard-forward corner, with three brass portholes forward and four down the starboard side. There was a darts board, a shove ha’penny board and a pull-down screen where we showed the films. A doorway at the end led through to the table tennis room, which was lined with shelves and was also where the ships library was stowed. It was rare for someone to be banned from the bar. I was once and so was John, on both occasions after making shameful fools of ourselves. In John’s case he vomited in the corner of the bar late one night, in the bin, causing a huge outcry. Everyone decamped to the second engineer’s cabin to escape the stench. Tellingly, John was also allowed to come, although LJ banned him for three days the next morning. As for me, I was drunk one evening (we all were) and having an excitable argument with Sparks, I gesticulated with my arm to illustrate some point – I forget what it was: I forget what we were even arguing about – and knocked his and somebody else’s drink over.

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