Makeup for Dry Skin

Use a moisturizer that isn’t too greasy but that hydrates skin well. Wear moisturizing foundation (with yellow undertones) and make sure that your face powder is silky and light. Wear cream eye shadows, creamy lipsticks, and cream blushes. The trick is to apply cream blush just after foundation. Then dust on face powder. Apply a pop of powder blush on top.

Makeup for Dry Skin Photo Gallery

It has something to do with time, as in age, reducing the fat layer below the skin. And making us cold. As to the hair growing in the nose and ears. Where the heck is that coming from? The hair on the head is long gone. Hair on the legs and chest is gone. But the hair that grows in the other places as we age is on steroids. There must be one or two drops of testosterone left in the old vessel afer all. It is just misdirected, as well as insufficient. Science must look into this. Are there no longer older scientists who have a vested interest in finding a cure and putting some of that hair back where it belongs? Like on our heads.

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