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Walking is good for you but jogging is even better. If you've never jogged a step, then start with walking and jogging – five minutes each for 30 minutes total. Gradually increase the ratio of jogging to walking until it becomes the total exercise time.


Despite what you may think, cyclists absorb lower levels of pollutants from traffic fumes than car drivers, and research has shown that if you cycle regularly, you can expect to be as fit as an average person 10 years younger.

And for a generation that navigates the cyber world with help from their kids and grandkids, if they choose to risk it alone, falling prey to scams is increasingly commonplace.

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The scams, too, are not limited to the Internet. They can come just as readily by phone, door-to-door, or via televangelists. So, why is it that, we, as a group, are such frequent and susceptible victims? Perhaps we are too trusting. Then again, I know many compatriots who do not trust anything or anyone. Yet they can still be, and ofen are, victims. Some credit, if you will, needs to be given to the scammers. They are actually pretty darn good at their chosen career. They know that many older Americans often have acquired some wealth, and have fairly easy access to it either at the bank or under the mattress. Older victims ofen do not report crimes committed against them For one thing, they are not sure to whom the crime should be reported.

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