Catalogs, Store Flyers, Magazines: Beware of buying makeup colors from printed matter. It is extremely difficult to print cosmetic colors so that they are representative of the actual color. What you see is not always what you get. Mail order is convenient, however, when it comes to reordering products.

Quick and Free Beauty Boost

Feeling drab? Ask a counterperson to do an application of blush and lipstick. It only takes a minute but can give you a huge lift. The colors that the beauty associate chooses may reveal new options to you as well.


These schemers are proficient and smart. They count on a good heart, a bad memory, and even some good old fashioned greed. Even those who promise to save our souls and ease the road to heaven for just a few bucks, mind you, eagerly hold out their hands for a handout. All the while paving the way to their own slice of heaven on earth: in a mansion built on an ocean-side lot in a gated community, surrounded by golf courses, tennis courts, private beaches. Incredibly, tens of thousands of people buy into this hoping to save their souls. Charlatans, for that is what they are, now have additional opportunities to make a buck. Online. They now have the ability to create authentic looking websites that easily pass for the real enterprise such as a government agency or well-known corporation. Aside from the famous emails from Nigeria asking for advance money to share lottery winnings, or to help ransom kidnapped schoolgirls, there are any number of email scams trying to get into our wallets and handbags.

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