Makeup for Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a challenging, trying time for any woman. Besides the obvious emotional and medical issues you face, your physical appearance and identity is shifting and is seemingly out of your control.

I believe that this is a time not to abandon makeup altogether, as it can make you look and feel better about yourself. Nor is it a time to do serious or heavy makeup it will look forced. Remember that this is a passing phase your skin color will soon improve, and your hair will soon grow back. I recommend the following basic makeup routine:

Use concealer, as needed, but be careful that the shade is not too light. Apply tinted moisturizer or foundation to give your skin a glow. Be sure that the shade is not too light or pasty.

Fill in eyebrows or create a brow line if you have lost the hair here with a soft pencil. Go over brow line with shadow, using an eyeliner brush. If you have lost hair in spots, fill in just those areas.

Use medium to soft browns on the eyes.

If your eyelashes are sparse, use a slightly darker, smoky, powder liner along the lash line. This will create the illusion of lashes.

Brush on a soft pink or rosy blush for a lift.

Use flattering, warm lip shades, like rose, pink, or apricot.

Question: I am in chemotherapy and have lost my eyelashes. What can I do? Answer: Your eyelashes are sure to begin growing back as soon as you complete your therapy. In the meantime, try this technique to give you the look of mascara: Using a liner brush and a smoky shade of shadow, line your eye as close to the lash line as possible. Do both top and bottom, using slightly more shadow on top lid. (See chapter 21.)

Look Good, Feel Better is a nationwide program that helps women undergoing chemotherapy deal with their looks. For information, call 404-329-5763.

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