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Eating out is often associated with the consumption of high-caloric, high-fat and salty foods, but it can be healthy if you are careful about portion control and ask how the food is being prepared and cooked. Choose a starter as your main course if you think the portions will be too large.


Keep drinking water, as many people misread thirst signals for hunger signs. The body is made up of nearly 80% water, and a glass of ordinary tap water will benefit nearly every organ in the body, including the skin.

Some of us, too, may also have pensions to supplement our income.

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And, there is always the funny apron brigade bringing in a few extra bucks as Walmart greeters. Still, so many of us tend to spend what we have. That is why it is called disposable income. And, we tend to dispose of it. Sometimes rather quickly Often on big-ticket items. Luxury cars, travel, grandkids. I think this is something the media moguls have missed. They focus a lot of their advertising attention on the Millennials, you know, these young people still living at home, paying off college loans, and supporting at least one dog. Advertisers target them because there are so many of them Following traditional algorithms, they consider these kids low hanging fruit.

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