The lonithermie bust-firming treatment uses a combination of thermal clay and algae, which is spread over the chest. Two types of electric current are then alternated through this layer, to tone and support the muscles around the breast area, visibly lifting the bust.


I just thought it was two people scuffling in the back of the bar. It took place in a grim, noisy bar called ‘Ozzies’, and happened at the back, shortly after we walked in. Two Filipinos started going at each other, screeching and threatening. One punched the other, who crashed back against the wall. We cheered, eyes swivelled towards us, we looked at the floor then turned back to the bar and missed what happened next. The one who had been punched came back at the other, who stabbed him in the side: he fell to the floor moaning. The bar owner was Australian: he shouted at them, then went over holding a wooden broom handle and laid into both, beating the knifeman across the face and shoulders until he fell, then rounding on the bleeding victim and giving him several clouts across the side of the head. One of the bar-girls came up to the owner and excitedly explained her version of what had happened; the Australian turned back to the attacker and started kicking him viciously. Someone pulled off the shirt off the man who had been stabbed; he was punctured just below the ribs. He made a lot of noise but there wasn’t much blood.

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