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All types of seafood and shellfish contain small amounts of copper, which is used within the body to make collagen fibres and elastin, vital ingredients that mesh together with other proteins to give skin strength and elasticity.


If you exist on a highly restricted calorie diet, you run the risk of losing competent brain function. Low levels of magnesium, B vitamins and fatty acids are essential for hormone production and brain function. Without them you can lose the ability to think rationally.

Count the number of ads focused on medications during the commercials. And they are encouraging it.

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Even with Medicare and the supplemental policies, medications can and are an out of pocket expense. You can do your own calculations. I spend about $400 a month on medications. No senior discounts here. The pharmaceutical companies assure us that drugs are expensive because of all the time and money put into R&D (Research and Development). I am not sure it is keeping me alive, or keeping my doctors in golf clubs, fancy dinners, or any of a number of perks pharmaceutical companies dole out to friendly physicians willing to prescribe their products. However, I am sufficiently terrified of the alternative that I dutifully write out the checks. Anyone who has done any research on this will know that Big Pharma is reported to spend more on marketing than on R&D.

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