Applying lipstick and face powder is an accepted practice in public places such as at a table in a restaurant. Personally, I prefer to wait until I am in a ladies’ room since I feel self-conscious applying makeup in front of people. (Not surprisingly, I find that people like to analyze my technique, and sometimes I would just rather have a nice lunch and save the makeup lesson for later!) If you do choose to apply lipstick after dinner, do only a quick touch-up. If you have a reflective lipstick case, use that to check your application. Don’t pull out a lip brush, compact mirror, and powder puff from your pocketbook for a painstaking process. Save that for the powder room (hence the name).

Using your morning commute to apply makeup might well allow you a few more minutes in bed, but it is definitely not a great idea. We should always be considerate of those around us, and public transportation is far too open a venue for your daily makeup routine. There are also risks involved in doing makeup on a moving vehicle. Should you come to a sudden stop, you could injure your eye with a mascara wand, tweezers, or a shadow brush. Instead, try getting up a few minutes earlier. You should be able to accomplish a finished look in five minutes or less.

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Doing your makeup in the car is slightly more private and therefore more acceptable. We all are guilty of this from time to time. Whatever the circumstances, proper makeup etiquette centers on being discreet

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