Inspirations: Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Helen Hunt (and me!)
Big Brows: Don’t be tempted to change your brow shape since a weighty eyebrow probably complements your features and frame. Instead, work on better defining your eyebrows. Pluck away any hairs between the brows and brush brow hairs up (using a firm toothbrush). If brows are sparse in spots, fill in using shadow and brow brush. (See chapter 12.)


The bar on the Vexilla was much the same as other bars on ships built in the early 1950s. Ships of that age were not built with bars: the one on the Vexilla was the converted smoke room. The older officers still tended to call it the smoke room. In smoke-room days, the officers would gather for cards and a glass of something before dinner and would retreat back there afterwards for brandy and cigars. As the 1960s arrived, the officers drinking appetites were given freer expression and bars were built into the smoke rooms. The Vexilla’s bar had been sturdily put together by the ship’s carpenter several years ago and was L-shaped, built of varnished hardwood. Three people could fit behind it, where there was a big fridge containing the beer, mixers and soft drinks; along the bulkhead was a row of inverted spirit bottles perched on fat delivery optics. Stacked under the bar surface were several cases of beer, ready for replenishing the cold stock. In front of the bar were half a dozen swivel stools, bolted to the deck, with red plastic seat coverings and chrome backrests. The glasses were in an open-fronted cabinet fixed to the bulkhead, caged behind roll bars.

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