I grew up in a time when beauty was epitomized by tall, blond models who then would have been considered all-American. Women like Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, and Kelly Emberg defined beauty. Since I am five feet tall, with deep-set brown eyes, dark eyebrows, and brown hair, I didn’t feel pretty. I often wonder how many thousands of other young women were (and probably still are) feeling inadequate because they do not conform to some narrow definition of pretty. Happily, models today are a much more diverse lot.
As I came into my own I realized the importance of being satisfied with the person that I am and the looks I was given. When I first started in the fashion business I sometimes felt inferior about my height. Now I’ve decided to make the most out of my small size I rarely wear heels. Even more than appreciating who I am, I’ve learned to love myself for it.
The lesson I’ve learned in my career in the fashion world and what I These pictures are from my own private photo journal. Here I am behind the scenes with some of my favorite subjects: (from far left) under the lights with Brooke Shields, on the road with Rachel Williams and Stephanie Seymour, a hug at the end of the day from Jennifer Beals, a height comparison with Niki Taylor. most wish to communicate through my makeup is to love the features that make you special. In talking to women about makeup and their looks, I often feel as if I am part makeup artist and part therapist, helping women see and appreciate the special qualities about themselves. That really isn’t so surprising given that our looks are so closely tied to our identity as a person.


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