Anne Kampmann has a wonderful sense of humor and an amazingly fit body. Her beauty style stems from these two things, which is to say she looks best in the least amount of makeup. For Anne, day makeup means lip balm and evening makeup means tinted lip balm. It’s that simple!
Lillian Wang is a tawny, exotic beauty. Her skin is smooth perfection. Her style is simple and classic, but always current. I like to use deep, warm tones on her face to bring out the warm tones in her skin.


The optic capacity was a fifth of a gill, bigger than the standard UK sixth. A double was therefore a hefty measure. He would have three before lunch. In the evening he would arrive at 17.30 and could be relied on to have four doubles. After dinner he would go to the bridge to chat to LJ, watch the third mate take over the eight-to-twelve watch, write up his night orders, and be back in the bar by 20.30. His post-dinner drinking varied: if it was a film night then he would have one before the start, one at the end of each reel, and a couple at the end. All-in-all, the Old Man could be relied on to polish off a bottle of Gordon’s a day – unless there was a celebration of some sort, in which case it would be a lot more. The Old Man didn’t become incoherent or foolish like me and the other younger ones onboard when he drank; he became a bit more pompous, he talked a lot more, and became a bit kinder I suppose.

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