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Don't wear make-up when you go shopping for a new lipstick because then you can look at the true colour of your skin and lips and find a colour that suits your unmade-up skin tones.


When you're at a party and don't have time to keep re-touching your lipstick, use one that has a waxy base, which will stay put all evening and will not bleed into the fine lines around your mouth.

That must tell us something. There are also disturbing revelations that the drug companies have an interesting ploy when it comes to patents. Why? To keep their expensive products from stepping through the looking glass into the never-never-land of generic drugs. It is a profit killer.

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A slip of the wrist, and a tiny twist, and yesterday is formula for the big-ticket item can be sustained for another generation. All it takes is one tiny deviation from the original formula to make it a brand new product with a brand new, expanded life beauty span. Presto chango. The fact is, many of us need the various medications to keep our hearts beating, our diabetes in check, our arthritis manageable, and all those other ailments under control. The only fly in the ointment is the stuff they are selling us for better makeup, can actually be harmful to our makeup. The TV ad disclaimers usually run longer than the other part of the commercial.

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