Inspirations: Liza Minnelli, Courteney Cox Big-Statement Hair: Standout hair color, such as auburn, jet black, or white blond, can be an identifying beauty trait in and of itself. There is no reason not to heighten hair color with highlights or a natural color rinse.
The key to making peace with your hair is to stop fighting its natural texture. If you have beautiful gray hair, accentuate it with a simple, sleek cut. Let the texture be as it is perms tend to look old-fashioned. If you have the curliest hair in the world, just go with it. Find the best products around to manage any frizz but don’t attempt to straighten hair. If your hair is straight naturally, accentuate its straightness by blowing it out smooth and working in high-shine styling products.


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Brush holders.

Makeup Brush Organizer Ideas Chanel makeup brush holder!

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