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Hi everyone I’m moli Today’s post is very exciting because I have two big box fresh from Korea It arrived about two weeks ago and I didn’t touch it at all because I want to open it with you This post is very exciting because I have two box But the other box is filled with give away things for you All this things is sponsored by and they are so kind They give me budget $150 to shop your give away things. So today We will have big give away Ok without any longer let’s start I will start with my package first this one This is the content everything is bubble wrapped Ok we start from this one This time I shop a lot from Heimish brand So Heimish is Korean brand That was launch this March if I’m not wrong so this is new brand Maybe the camera is too far I’ll go nearer.

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Ok this angle is better and I will start The first Heimish Dailism Eye Pallete Brisk Grey Let me show you Wow look at this The colour is so good Heimish has a lot eye pallet with really beautiful colour Like coral colour, brown, green And this time I choose grey colour because I don’t have eye shadow with grey and black And for me the colour of this eye pallets is so good Oh my god I’m impress I really can’t wait to try this Next from Heimish Dailism Blusher Pallete Flavor Apricot Their Blush pallets also have 4 choices and all the colour is really good So hard to choose I’m so wishy washy Want this that this But finally I choose flavour apricot It’s packaging is beautiful more feminine Wow look at this The colour is so beautiful the orange colour is like Sof apricot colour Really good I can’t wait to try them this is so good Next I have Heimish Dailism Water Drop Lip Tint Wow the packaging is so good Oh my god this is so good The colour is so me.

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So pigmented Next I have Heimish Dailism Serum Rouge This lipstick colour is Midday sun They have 4 types of lipstick but I only choose 2 Because the budget is not enough The packaging is also really good Look metallic The colour is very pigmented There’s also the magnet Close by it self the packaging is so good The colour super pigmented Next I also have Heimish Dailism Brow Pencil Maybe I can make one brand tutorial from Heimish because I bought all the products accept eyeliner Oh no The packaging is also really good Oh my good this is like velvet very nice There’s also the spooley Next there’s not much more I have Later I will show you We open this first This is cushion from Heimish Perfect Cushion Artless This is colour 21 There’s also the refill The packaging also really good Oh my gosh so cool so pretty We are finish with Heimish product And I’m really impress with their packaging And also the pigmentation of their lipstick, eye shadow from The blush.

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All the colours is really really good And later I will make post special for Heimish product I will try it and make a review for all of you And if it’s really good maybe I will make a collection of Heimish product Seriously that’s really good Now I also have from Son & Park This is colour cube Oh no When I buy this My goodness I have bought Son & Park Colour Cube Highlighter And just few days ago I’ve ordered Son & Park cube highlighter How come I order it double It’s because I didn’t open it of too long that’s why I forget the product that I bought So cute This is so small later I will give the review So that this post just for haul I will show the last product I already think about it so long to buy it or not Because this is the most expensive ok this is Sulwhasoo Perfect Cushion Brightening number 23 medium beige Sulwhasoo is high-end brand in Korea So it’s equal to SKII something like that I have bought this vey expensive so you better be good okay You must suit my face I don’t want to know And there was the refill too Fortunately there was the refill if not it’s too expensive The packaging so nice This look very elegant The puff is brown first time to see Later I will try it Actually I want to postpone this shoot because I have a lot another post But because my shampoo is finish I must open the package Because I’ve ordered shampoo I have bought shampoo and conditioner From Ryeo brand So that’s it the package that I buy now I want to show you Give away for all of you Where’s my scissors That awaited Ok I’ll open it first Now I should open it then I should wrap it again But it’s okay for all of you what can’t I do The first one is mask with.

So Joong Ki oppa 7 days mask one person one Then I also bought a mask from innisfree honey The next product is Banila Co Clean it Zero This is one of my favourite so if you read my post easy way to have a clear skin You surely know that I use this For me this is really good so for the winners you can try it Next I also bought this Cosrx One step Pimple Clear Pad I already seen a lot of posts that say that this product is good So I ordered this for you I also bought powder this is innisfree no sebum mineral powder People say that this is really really good so I ordered for you This Faceshop blush is really good for me this is Benefit dupe And I have one also mine is blue And I bought for you rose cushion so that suit all skin tone Then I also bought for you Etude House eyeshadow Blend For Eyes I bought for you eyebrow pencil from Etude House I also bought primer from innisfree the review is really good so I buy this Then I also bought eyeliner from Etude House This one is liquid so you can use it For the last product I have Too Cool for School lip tint Actually I order two but they told me that the product is finish when it was send So I was thinking if No just kidding or I will give it for the first winner Ok guys so this is my makeup haul from Korea from website Rules to follow give away The first rule is comment to my blog Molita Lin on Follow my instagram Molita underscore Lin and also follow stylekorean.

com instagram Repost this photo and in the caption you should answer why you want to win this give away And tag 3 of your bestfriend Don’t tag to sellers Don’t tag to online shop substantially tag 3 of your best friend And ask them to join this give away And there are just three rules and you must follow it This give away will be open after this post is publish For the two winners one of them I will choose randomly and the other one will be chosen for the best caption So the best question will be chosen as the winner So yes that’s it I want to say thank you for your support Thank you so much for the comment comment like and always reading my post So this give away is my way to say thank you Actually style korean who pay this But I still want to give thanks for all of you Thank you so much for reading Don’t forget to like this post and comment below what product review you want to see See you guys in my next post bye.

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