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My message is to learn to be your own skin-care expert and to learn to be your own makeup artist. It's not about owning one miracle cream or one perfect” blush. It is about making the right choices based on your mood and look that day. Some days you may need a little bit of bronzing powder, while on others you may need a pop of soft pink.

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How and why you choose what you need that day will become second nature and a whole lot more satisfying than following some unbending recipe.
It has long been my dream to do a comprehensive beauty book, in large part since so many women are in desperate need of the most basic beauty information so that they may feel confident to make their own makeup and skin-care decisions. Many women today face the double burden of having a career and maintaining a household, raising a family.
I am constantly trying to find the perfect balance between my work life and my home life. There never seems to be enough time.

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