For a handy and tasty snack, why not try dried banana chips? They are rich in carbohydrates, iron and magnesium and, in addition, contain natural sugars to give your body an energy boost when you’re busy. For a more substantial snack, combine with natural yogurt, j


Choosing to eat a diet that is high in unsaturated essential fats, found in oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds, will help the appearance and texture of your skin. This is because skin cells convert the fats to prostaglandin hormones, which are responsible for making skin soft, smooth and moist.


Same thing if we think we are too old to do something. And, it is been my observation in recent decades, that if that is the way you feel, odds are against your getting much older. There is a growing movement across the country today: Before I Die Festivals. that seems to be gaining some traction. Not only does the discussion revolve around medical care and end-of-life issues with some festivals offering presentations by funeral directors, talk of cremation versus traditional burial, participation even includes visiting cemeteries. It is a group approach to bucket listing in which participants gather to discuss the kind of things they want to realize or accomplish before they die. It all begins with participants discussing death itself. I recently listened to a report on NPR by researchers Becca Levy, a professor of epidemiology and psychology at the Yale School of Public Health, and Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychologist and behavioral scientist at Rush Alzheimer is Disease Center in Chicago. In one study, Levy looked at people is attitudes about aging as they aged, looking at them first when they were in late middle age and then following them over time. She found that Some of these people thought of older people as weak or dependent.

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