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Not just a mother to her three-year-old daughter, but also the marketing manager of the family-owned The Sorbet Group, Jade Kirkel says consistency is key to maintaining her daily eating routine all while enjoying a glass of wine at night. Tood should be simple and fresh. I am not an extreme person in any sense of the word, and my eating habits reflect that approach. BREAKFAST includes two (very boring) boiled eggs due to morning time constraint to get Maya to school and myself to work by 8:30am. LUNCH is usually my least eventful meal of the day, but I pick something simple like avocado and crackers, as I’m not a fan of left-overs. DINNER is my favourite meal. We braai at least twice a week, and there are always proteins such as salmon, chicken or meat with fresh veggies and a salad. I splurge when I feel like it and snack on biltong, which is a staple in my diet. Oh, yes, and more recently, Kale chips. I would eat a salty snack over a sweet one any day. Exercising entails road running of between five to 10 kilometres three times a week, but I also take Pump classes. My fitness levels are great but I cannot do a push-up to save my life! ‘


Tsholofelo Dikobe, a Botswana-based fashion artist, stylist and curator for The Voice, is also a firm believer in snacking, and that the only constant in life is change (even when it comes to eating). Tood should be varied. My mother taught me to keep my meals varied, and that changing up my diet is an essential part of healthy eating. BREAKFAST is a quick and light meal of cornflakes or high-fibre, low-sugar cereals. Sometime I even indulge in a sandwich or hake fillet! LUNCH is usually a mandarin chicken pasta salad or a tuna pan bagnat (a sandwich typical of the south east region of France). DINNER includes a grilled chicken breast with a vegetable pasta salad on the side. I splurge when I am stressed or off-loading from a long day’s work. I typically enjoy icy desserts such as frozen yoghurt, a Toblerone milkshake, or ice-cream, and snack on a fruit salad or something that will give me an energy boost, like an energy bar or, my favourite, bananas. Exercising entails a well-rounded mix of stretching, strength training and cardio/

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