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Monkeys are known for their high energy, so take a tip from them and eat a banana. They provide potassium, an electrolyte that maintains nerve and muscle function, but levels of it can drop quickly during stress or exercise, as it is lost through sweating.


Oats are low on the glycaemic index, have lots of fibre and contain the energizing B vitamins, which help transform carbohydrates into usable energy. Choose porridge for an easy supply, but other options are whole grains and brown rice.

My wife swore she had no idea where that came from It is these wives who pray that he will take up golf or fishing. Or put on one of those red aprons.

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So, there you have it. When you see a group of gentlemen retirees playing cards or checkers in the local park, or outside the courthouse, or sitting at the bar of the local tavern, you will understand. One fallout of longevity is acquiring stuff. If you doubt that, try moving after a few decades at one address. Why does it become increasingly difficult to throw things away as we get older? Is it a deep-seeded fear that discarding things we once felt valuable is symbolic of how society will look upon us as we get older and more feeble? Or that, God forbid, our kids or grandkids will one day put us in storage. It happens. We hang on to old clothes, personal artifacts, pictures and other memorabilia with the mistaken notion that surviving family members will find them as valuable as we once did. But really, why cling to that autographed photo of Phil Rizzuto, or the third-grade report card, not to mention that old Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity paddle? The kids do not want that crap.

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