After a warm detox bath, wrap up warmly in thick layers of clothes and your body will continue to sweat out toxins for the next 30 minutes.


Then we shinned out the window in small groups to climb back in at two and three in the morning and fall back into our bunks, drunk and exhausted. We were pulled out of bed at 05.45 every morning except weekends and set to work on cleaning the place to inspection standard, then we went out and marched and marched in the rain and the sleet and the cold and then we worked again in class all day. And so it went on. Saturday was the beginning of the end of the week. We loved Saturdays. The morning call was an hour later – 06.45 – and there was no drill. Chief Rozer’s big Saturday inspection was taken seriously, because if you messed up on that then you were in for the weekend. Everything gleamed.

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