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In being great providers, women often lose sight of their own needs. It's important to make time in the week to do something for yourself stay in contact with friends, go and watch a Movie or take up a new hobby. Finding something that makes you happy will increase your confidence and general feelings of wellbeing.


Food can directly affect the neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain responsible for maintaining an elevated mood. For the best mood boost, combine lean proteins with complex carbohydrates.

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Ease up on saturated fats and convenience foods.

Not only to the young ladies, but to everyone. Come to think of it, hardly anyone responds. Men, women, young or old. Maybe it is the black socks. You readers who are old enough, or young enough, to stay up late to watch old movies, might know the film Gigi, vintage 1958. It stared Leslie Caron and the famous French cabaret singer and entertainer, Maurice Chevalier. He played a character named Honore. One of his great numbers in the film is Thank Heaven for Little Girls. I am tempted to break out into song whenever those little girls pass me in the park pretending to be on their cell phones where they can call for help in an instant if the old guy in sweats even so much as smiles at them By the way Chevalier has another song in Gigi. I Remember it Well.

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