Concealer: Apply yellow-toned powder concealer with a puff to lock in place. Pile on what seems to be a ridiculous amount, then simply brush away the excess. (It’s nearly impossible to put on too much powder over concealer.) As long as the powder is silky and the concealer feels and looks smooth, you will not experience creasing or caking. Foundation: Lock in foundation by pressing powder onto face using a powder puff.

Brow: While fading brow color might not be your first makeup complaint, it does reduce the strength and character of your face. There are several simple techniques to assure longer-lasting brow color.

Use a slightly heavier hand in applying brown-toned shadow filler. Wet the brush before filling in brow with brown-toned shadow color. Be careful to use a light hand or it will look painted in.

Use an eyebrow pencil (make sure it is a creamy formula for the most natural look), then dust normal brown-toned brow filler over it to set.

Liner: Use pencil liner to line eyes, then brush powder shadow of the same color on top. Or wet the brush and apply liner shadow damp. Mascara: Use a water-resistant formula and coat on two to three thin coats, allowing each to dry a moment before moving on to the next. Thick coats clump. Save waterproof mascara for extra humid days or for special events, as it can dry lashes.

Shadow: The best way to get your eye shadow to last all day is to prime your eyelid. I take the velour puff and dust a little face powder directly onto the lid. In this way, I cover any oil while creating a smooth, dry surface on which to apply color.

In general, matte shadows last longer than creamy or frosted ones. Blush: There are two options for longer-lasting blush, both of which involve layering techniques.

After applying foundation but before applying powder, pat cream-for-mula blush on the apples of your cheeks. (Choose a really natural.


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