Makeup Options: Depending on the Day

Sometimes, when I’m having a really ugly day, I just want to wear lip balm and concealer. Anything more and matters would just get worse. Other times, a soft pink blush is just the thing to brighten my face. Bad days are times when less is more. I tend not to do much with my eyes. Nor do I make a big color statement with my mouth.

What do I do on a bad beauty day? I wear a baseball cap and sunglasses.

If you can’t be in complete control of the way your face looks, you might consider taking extra care with other elements of your appearance. The idea is to take attention away from what you don’t like and put it somewhere else. Wear a funky pair of shoes, a bright scarf, or a great hat.

Pearls (real or imitation) draw flattering, reflective light to the face. Wearing pearls is an age-old beauty trick made modern by Coco Chanel, who piled on real pearls with fakes, long and short strands. Both Barbara Bush and Jacqueline Onassis have made pearls a signature. A multistrand choker also works nicely to cover neck imperfections.

Choose to wear clothes that make you feel both pretty and comfortable. Spritz on a fresh cologne that contains up citrus or fresh green notes to give you a lift. Take extra care styling your hair so that it makes you feel good.

If you don’t need to dress up, try wearing a baseball cap. Wear sunglasses when you go out.

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