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Nothing is more attractive than a woman with a happy smile. It makes you look young, fun and carefree, so don't save your smile for special occasions – use it every day.


As people grow older, their teeth become naturally darker, through smoking, staining and a build-up of tartar. Keep yours white with an over-the-counter kit containing a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide gel, which is rubbed into the teeth for about 30 minutes.

If someone is ashes were offered to me, I’d give a big, No thanks! Even if it were Mom, Dad, or Granny. I have heard of one man who designated that some of his ashes be included in a ring, to be worn evermore by his partner.

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Although, I’d pass on this, too, the partner readily accepted the idea and gives reverential status to the token. Believe it or not, it is even possible to make diamonds from human ashes. I kid you not. I can hear the conversation now: Hey there, nice ring! Thanks. It is dad. Conversely, there are those who prefer that to an eternity of repose in an urn on someone is mantle, or in a garage, or even buried in a mausoleum or in the ground with a headstone. Care should be considered, however, if the urn is placed on the mantle, coffee table, or shelf. The family cat, or an overzealous housekeeper, could possibly knock it over.

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