dusty rose blush like Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon will create ...

1. Do you attempt to re-create the makeup look you had in a favorite old photograph of yourself? If so, when was the picture taken?
2. Have you ever tried to purchase a favorite lipstick or eye shadow only to find that the shade has been discontinued?
3. Do you follow the same basic makeup routine every day regardless of the occasion, the season, or the clothes you’re wearing?
4. Do you feel naked without mascara?
5. Do you feel naked without eyeliner?
6. Have you had the same exact hairstyle for at least the past five years?
7. Do you always wear makeup? About how many waking hours per week do you spend not wearing makeup?
8. Do you use dark brown lip pencil to line your mouth?
9. Do you wear the same makeup you wore in high school? Have you worn the same makeup for the past five years?
10. Have you always worn frost?
11. Have you noticed that a favorite lip or eye color has made a comeback?
12. Do you buy the same lipstick shade again and again?
13. Have you always worn three eye shadow shades at a time?
14. Do you wear red lipstick all the time to the gym, with a swimsuit, everywhere?
Question one: If you try to re-create the look, take 1 point. If the picture was taken in the last year, take 0 points. If the picture is older than that, take 1 point for each year the picture is old. (If you don’t have a favorite picture of yourself, take 0 points.)
Questions 2-6: Take one point for each yes answer.
Question 7: Take one point if your answer is yes. If you spend less than 10 waking hours/week not wearing makeup, take one extra point.
Questions 8-13: Take one point for each yes response.
Question 14: If you answered yes, you are a red lipstick personality.
I consider red lipstick to be a category of makeup unto itself. It is completely timeless and always in fashion. If you wear red lipstick religiously, you are automatically not in a rut you have found your own true beauty style.
If you scored:
0-3: You are definitely not stuck in a makeup rut. Proceed to beauty addict quiz, which follows.
4-5: Your makeup routine is stagnant. Consult how-to chapters to gather some new ideas and learn to be more creative.
6 or more: Your makeup is living in the past. It’s probably a good idea to start all over. Start with a makeup cleanup (see chapter 8).

dusty rose blush like Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon will create ...

What's your makeup personality?

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