Makeup Quarters

To avoid meltdown, do not store products on a windowsill that gets light or in a steamy bathroom. Avoid leaving makeup in a parked car, which can get hot.
Resealable bags: I find that see-through plastic bags are the best possible makeup containers. They allow you to see everything that is inside, so you don’t waste time rummaging around. They also force you to keep your makeup clean and neat, as everything is exposed. Best of all, they are inexpensive, disposable, and easy to replace. I organize my professional makeup kits using resealable bags, which are also great for travel. I couldn’t live without them.
Slightly thicker plastic bags work nicely, too (drawstring bags, like marble bags, or flatter storage bags are available inexpensively at most drugstores). I like that they force organization. Buy two or three: one for skin products (concealer, concealer brush, foundation, powder, sponge, and powder puff); one for color (blush, eye shadows, eyeliners, lip pencils, mascara, and lip colors); and a third for tools (all brushes).
I really believe in makeup cleanliness it helps me stay clearheaded and organized. I am fanatical about keeping my makeup clean and neat and about discarding things when they get messy, especially sponges and applicators. This way, it is so much easier to apply makeup and get out the door everything is at your fingertips.
At home, I keep my makeup essentials on a table in the bathroom; extras go into drawers. I use metal cups to store pencils and brushes, and a Plexiglas organizer for lipsticks. Everything else is laid out on a tray. Some women like to keep makeup in a tackle box or toolbox, which is great since you can see everything when it’s open; even better, you can put it away when it’s closed. Other women line drawers with dividers so that makeup doesn’t get jumbled. Find a system that works for you, but avoid the dump system, i.e., dumping all your products into a box you’ll be forever searching for something.
Makeup Day Kit
I like to have a separate set of essentials packed to carry with me all the time. This is especially useful on days when you can’t make it home before going out at night.

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