Makeup For Red Skin

The good news is that, assuming you have a little color, you don't need as much makeup in the summer. It is a good time to simplify everything and to go as sheer as possible with all makeup products. Be conscious of keeping your beauty style as simple and low-maintenance as possible. Consider not blow-drying you hair let it air-dry for a month.

For any prolonged time in the sun, wear SPF 30.

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SPF 15 is enough for everyday city wear. For a safe, tanned look, use a self-tanner or bronzing powder.

To combat heat and humidity, switch to an oil-free foundation or an oil-free tinted moisturizer a gel cleanser instead of a creamy one a ponytail or easy, up, off-your-neck hairstyles a light eau de toilette talc-free body powder Have fun with brighter lip colors and toenail polishes.

Beware of the temptation to chop off your hair on the hottest day of the year wear a ponytail or put it up instead.

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