Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor

Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor

This is not the time for cousin

Jane to whip up a wonky red velvet. You need wow-factor, flavour and a sturdy recipe that slices perfectly.

VERDICT: PSE. has a nationwide database, head to for contacts and ideas, or try the virtual bespoke cake design at

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Place names

With patience, a good playlist and a Berol Italic felt tip, try writing your own place names, with a personal message on the back to make guests really feel part of your day.

VERDICT: DIY. Get a professional finish by attending a calligraphy workshop, such as

Here’s now to choose – and jjtspend – the smart way

3 Music

An iPod with a Bluetooth speaker might save you £££s, but the sound could struggle to reach all of your guests, and too much can go wrong (think wi-fi fail, text interruptions, battery wipeout).

VERDICT: PSE. locates DJs or bands near your venue on your chosen date.

4 Make-up

With professional tutorials at your fingertips (see page 110), you can look stunning from aisle to dancefloor and save a bundle while you blush and blend.

VERDICT: DIY. Try new shades before you shop with the virtual app Makeup Genius by L’Oreal (free).

5 Hair

In 62 years of publishing Brides, we’ve rarely seen a DIY hairstyle work out. Go pro for a flattering style and all-day hold.

VERDICT: PSE. Find a hairstylist at or have them come to you via luxury-at-home app Ruuby (free). If you’re determined to go it alone, visit for inspiring 360° galleries.

6 Table plan

Buy an easel and picture frame on eBay or Gumtree. Download a free poster template from Get your masterpiece printed locally. Job done.

VERDICT: DIY. But first load up on gorgeous inspo in the DIY Projects section of 7 Destination


The logistics are insane: travel, catering, flowers, marriage legalities, hotels, entertainment… avoid ageing 10 years by hiring an in-the-know, English-speaking planner with top contacts in that country.

VERDICT: PSE. Charlotte Ricard at can masterfully arrange stunning weddings abroad.

8 The dress

We’ve genuinely seen a wedding dress made by the bride’s father using cotton canvas from a boat sail. While we give serious props to him, it’s best to keep the nostalgia fashion for another day. Plus, shopping trips that include fizz – yes, please!

VERDICT: PSE. Get dress-drooling at . now!

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