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Joining a gym or a specialised class is costly, but the good news is that you don’t need a membership to get in shape; instead, make the most out of your personal space. Go for a run around your neighbourhood; start off with a three kilometres run and increase it with time. You could also join a running club, especially if you need motivation or company.


Running on a treadmill can be boring, so look for alternative classes that will keep you more engaged. Look at an aerobics dance class, such as Zumba, or spinning, boot camp and boxing that will keep you motivated. Hosted by energetic instructors with a killer soundtrack, these specialised classes are guaranteed to keep you moving.


Fashion blogger Melody Molale relies on a balanced diet and a lot of water to keep her on the go. Not afraid of indulging in a burger, she swears by portion control, carrots, and, occasionally, chocolate cake. ‘Food should be anything you want it to be. Whatever you eat, do so in moderation. Small portions are always a good idea too. BREAKFAST includes either bran flakes or muesli with milk or yoghurt. I used to skip breakfast but having learnt that it is the most important meal you’ll have all day, I make time for mine. LUNCH is usually pasta or a chicken salad. It is heavier than my other meals as I tend to be hungrier during the day probably because I burn more energy. DINNER is lighter than my other meals, and I love seafood so I often have salmon or prawn. I splurge on weekends, Sunday, to be precise, when I am most relaxed. And on my birthday! I have the worst sweet tooth so chocolate cake is my ultimate treat. And I snack on grapes and tangerines. Exercising entails nothing too intense. Running on the treadmill for 10 minutes two to three times a week.’


Cape Town-based Lara Roux is a yoga instructor and a (secret) restaurant lover who doesn’t believe in diets, instead she opts for a healthy eating-healthy living routine. Fler stay-slim tips include finding wholesome produce, exploring the outdoors, and allowing herself time to indulge in our most precious habit: sleep. ‘Food should satisfy natural cravings as they occur – from lots of greens, to sufficient protein, some good fats and a piece of cocoa-heavy dark chocolate. BREAKFAST includes first and foremost a rye rusk and coffee. A banana before and a green juice after yoga class. LUNCH is usually a salad (the Lifebowl at The Shala is amazing) and a protein smoothie with a bag of nuts. DINNER is a freshly-caught fish serving steamed Thai-style with a bowl of greens or steamed vegetables, or fresh pasta with homemade sauce.

I splurge probably too often, but it also depends on what you consider to be cheating. Freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a thin-crusted pizza, or a block of chocolate (or two). I believe in guilt-free eating, and eating in moderation. I snack on natural seasonal produce, seed bars, or a good quality protein bar. Exercising entails mountain walks, especially in the Western Cape. I enjoy a Barre class or sessions with a skipping rope occasionally, swimming in the ocean despite how cold the water is, and yoga, of course!’

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