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BE SAVVY ABOUT YOUR PRICES One of the most common misconceptions of the Salon Industry is that if salons raise their prices, they might scare new clients away. While this is normally true in most industries, savvy salon owners have realised that higher prices on their services menu allows them to provide more attractive discounts in their promotional programs.

For example, if you increase the prices on your services menu by 20%, but offer a 20% discount for friends and family of current clients, you have increased the perceived value of your services, increased client loyalty from your referral network, and allowed for higher prices from potential new clients whose perception of higher value in your services has been driven by the positive remarks of your loyal clients. While we do not recommend increasing your service prices to unreasonable amounts, we have found that almost all salons would benefit from adopting this approach to some extent as long as the service price increases are reasonable.

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