I tend to get oily during the day. Should I be reapplying powder all day long? Or should I be using blotting papers or a different moisturizer? If touching up with powder isn’t enough, take a step back and consider your entire routine. Is your cleanser oil-free? Is your moisturizer? Foundation? Are you applying powder with a puff so that it will really stick in place? If skin is oily, consider skipping moisturizer in the morning and using an oil-control liquid instead.


For the most part I went out on my own although a few times with groups from my old school but I wasn’t close to any of them and they were going nowhere in my eyes. They seemed to be in my wake; fat, soft and inexperienced, learning to choke back a couple of pints of bitter before being sick; I was lean and fit and could hoover down beer non-stop. I was just about to turn 17. One shameful night, which haunts me to this day, I walked the mile down to the town of Abingdon early in the evening and sat alone at the bar in the Red Lion, a pub just off the square, not wanting the company that was available, listening to the buzz around me, drinking lager, smoking, studying the upside-down bottles behind the bar, all dressed with their shiny optics. The place was crammed with RAF memorabilia: squadron plaques; a propeller; photographs of groups of young men in front of aeroplanes all staring at the camera. The landlord had a huge moustache. The talk was of Northern Ireland, Qatar and a few other places where the British were fighting that year; the landlord rueing the lack of anything for the RAF to do apart from ferry in people and equipment. For no reason – apart from an overload of drink, almost certainly – I felt a wave of sadness wash over me: an RAF child who had gone to sea, marooned in a pub with a collection of old fools, bereft of plane or ship or decent company. Woe. I left when last orders was rung at 10.

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