Filling in the brow is an essential makeup step. Since its effect can be huge framing your face and giving it strength it should be as automatic as coating on mascara. I think a lot of women skip the brow because they never step back from the mirror to see themselves from a distance the way most people view you. (Looking at oneself too closely in the mirror might also explain our obsession with mascara.) Making up the brow is always one of my top three makeup steps.
Many women have had bad experiences trying to use brow pencils, hating that their brows looked too dark and unnatural. Using eye shadow as a filler, however, has a much more natural effect. Do your brows as detailed below, then take a few steps back from the mirror. It should be clear to you
now how the brow can define the face without looking painted on. This is especially true for Asian women and blond and/or fair-skinned women. In making up the brow, Asian women should focus on creating a thicker line.
I almost always use shadow to fill in the brow. My rule of thumb for shadow color is brown. Anything too yellow or too black ends up looking unnatural. If you prefer a brow pencil, find one that is very soft to avoid looking artificial.
If hair color is:
blond light brown red
brunette with red highlights
true brown
Use shadow brow filler in:
taupe or camel
red brown
the darkest brown,
never charcoal or black
slate or gray


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