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When you are sitting at your desk or at a table, Male haircuts short side long top it is important that you adjust your chair in such a way that your lower arms and hands can be placed on the surface of your table or desk at a right angle. If your chair is too close you are likely to end up lifting your shoulders to adjust your arms. If your chair is too high, you will probably find that you start slumping.You must also avoid crossing your legs, and do make sure that your feet remain comfortably flat on the floor

A useful trick when reading is to use a sloping board to avoid slumping over your desk or table.

Note how the model is holding her body badly with her arm. and how her legs are folded, offering no support.

Keep the alignment between your head, your neck and your back.

This model is firmly gripping the pen, causing tension in her wrist and hand.

Here the model is tensing her wrist, hand and arm, restricting her movement.

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