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Maneka Gandhi and People For Animals organised a fundraiser for Wildlife SOS that works for the welfare of rescued elephants, where 50 artists including SH Raza, Naynaa Kanodia, Subodh Gupta and Amitabh Bachchan painted fibreglass figurines.

When Nov 28-29, 2015 Where Le Meridien, New Delhi Website

Maneka Gandhi Photo Gallery

We went in several – they were all very similar: warm against the cold outside, hot even; they had low lights and were cleaner than any other bars in the East; the music was low and the tables small. We sat at the bar and drank Kirin from frosted glasses. ‘Kirin’ is a Japanese beer that looks and tastes like American beer, although in actual fact it was established by a Scotsman in Nagasaki. ‘Kirin’ means ‘giraffe’ – we speculated that this was because it comes in long-necked bottles. The girls encouraged us to feed the juke-box with 100-yen coins. The Japanese music was mostly unintelligible to us: scratchy instruments overlaid with a shrieking and wailing that had no discernable melodic content to our western ears. We tried pot-luck on a few but they were all bad. We gave the girls coins to choose songs but they all seemed much the same. We found some western songs, which were a clunky middle-of-the-road collection: Dean Martin’s Little Old Wine Drinker Me; Danny Boy; the Beatles’ Revolution; assorted Frank Sinatra; The Carnival is Over by The Seekers; Diana Ross’ Blue Moon. It struck me later that they were mostly maudlin, probably selected for us to slur along with.

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