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Start skin care facial and home care regimen three months before the d-day to give the skin ample time to recover from any concern. Mariah Carey

Cheryl’s bridal package are available for six months, three months or one month before the d-day.

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A. Dr Kiran Lohia is an acclaimed dermatologist with over a decade of experience. Her clinic Lumiere Dermatology in Delhi, is known to offer innovative skin and hair care treatments.

It has now been three long months since my magical holiday to the beauty metropolis of Seoul, South Korea. The sights and sounds from the glimmering city are starting to fade away and I slowly feel myself falling into a Delhi slump. I miss the booming aesthetic and beauty scene of Seoul.

I long for quaint but orderly streets lined with cosmetic stores and aesthetic clinics and the smell of udon noodle soup filling the air.

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