Marine Miracle EyeZone

Ward of fine lines, puffiness and dark under eye circles with this decongesting, moisturising and strengthening eye gel. 1 Simple massage a pea sized amount around the eye area twice daily to see instant and long lasting results.

Marine Miracle EyeZone Photo Gallery

The black smoke stopped. Everything was very quiet. There were no alarms. We had obviously broken down. No point in going aft to find out what was happening; we would only get into trouble with LJ. We squatted back down and carried on with our dog work. The ship limped into Singapore at walking pace three days later and spent two days in the roads off Pulau Bukom Island, being tank-cleaned by a shore gang. It was far more thorough cleaning job than we would normally do at sea, because every suggestion of gas had to be vented from the tanks. A few sailors expiring from the fumes or a minor explosion at sea was one thing, but for this to happen in the dockyard was quite unthinkable. The three of us spent the time on inspection rota with the deck officers, recording any deficiency that would now be dealt with while we were in dock.

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