Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro LIVE AT SOUTHERN GROUND

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A good day’s work When you make a new friend the first thing you do is? Drink coffee, play golf, fall out over football teams? How passe, the thing to do is record a CD, and a damn good one at that. That seems to be what has happened here. The new friends, Harley and Kimbro, hired Southern Ground recording studio in Nashville for a day and these ten tracks are the result.

For the uninitiated, Harley is an English singer – songwriter in the acoustic blues idiom and Kimbro isn’t, what he is is a dashed fine upright bass player, and the perfect foil to Harley’s lap slide guitar playing.

Of the ten tracks on offer seven are Harley originals, the other three being Nobody’s Fault But Mine by Blind Willie

Johnson, a fabulous version of Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits and a version of Goodnight Irene which reclaims it for those of us who believe that it belongs to the broken hearted and desperate. Indeed, if there are criticisms to be found it would be that Harley’s voice leans several degrees towards the melancholic and, naturally enough, his songs and guitar playing accommodate this. Suits me fine, but for those in need of a sugar rush a chocolate bar may offer more.

That is not intended to sound derogatory at all, it’s just that I feel a little more variety would broaden the album’s appeal, and that would be a good thing as the world deserves to hear more from these new friends. Ian Ambrose

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